First Creative Writing Workshop Project Held at Lefkosa Yunus Emre Instıtute

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

The first of the Creative Writing Workshop program, organized in cooperation with Lefkosa Yunus Emre Instıtute, Cyprus Foundations Administration, Cyprus Damla Association and Ankara Social Sciences University Northern Cyprus Campus, was held at Lefkosa Yunus Emre Instıtute.

Two experienced writers will participate in the workshop, the first part of which has started and is planned to last for 4 weeks, to share their knowledge and experiences.

University student Ahmet Devin, who attended the workshop, said that he is interested in writing and plans to benefit from experienced writers during the workshop.

Hilal Kanlı, a student at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, said that she participated in this workshop because she contributed to her profession, was interested in books and had the opportunity to meet the people who wrote them.

University students who want to express themselves by writing, progress in writing and improve their expressive power will attend the Creative Writing Workshop.

The program aims to equip the participants with the ability to create literary texts, acquire a style, and develop texts with editorial support.