Online Turkish Courses Are Starting At Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute


The Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute will continue its Turkish teaching activities in digital environment due to the coronavirus epidemic that is effective in the world, and will teach Turkish through online courses to people living in Cyprus who are not native Turkish speakers.

The Institute, which has started accepting applications for online Turkish courses, can be registered until July 1. The courses planned to be completed on August 16, 2020 will start on July 6. The courses that will be supported with enriched digital textbooks determined as 6 hours a week will be completed at the end of 36 hours.

Those who want to benefit from the lessons to be given free of charge by the specialist teachers of the Institute will be able to access detailed information from the Institute's phone number 0392-227-31-37 as well as the e-mail address "".