Certificate Excitement at Lefkosa Yunus Emre Institute

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Language... It gives life to the thought, breath to the soul, gives strength to the pen... It opens the door to cultures, it unites the far away and the geography of the heart... Our marbling art, which carries the traces of our Turkish and ancient culture, Ney, which is the building block of our Sufi music, and our ancestral sport Traditional Turkish Archery, met at the certificate ceremony with our trainees. we were longing.

At the certificate ceremony held at Lefkosa Yunus Emre Instıtute on Wednesday, 29 June 2022, certificates were presented to the trainees who received training in Turkish, culture, art and sports in the 2021-2022 academic year and successfully completed the term. At the ceremony, A1 and A2 level Turkish trainees and Traditional Turkish Archery, Marbling Art and Ney trainees were happy to receive their certificates of achievement from their instructors.

In the presentation of Svetlana Mukhamatova, one of the A2 Turkish trainees, LefkosaYunus Emre Instıtute Coordinator Mr. The ceremony started with the speech of Abdullah Aktaş, Neyzen and our course instructor Mr. It continued with Alper Ayana's concert. At the ceremony, where the participants were given emotional and entertaining moments with their performances, Abdullah Abdussalam, one of the A1 Turkish trainees, sang the poem "Come, Let's Meet" by Yunus Emre, while Samuel Olugbade sang the song "Today is a feast" by Barış Manço. The excitement of the students who received their certificates from the hands of their instructors was worth seeing. The performance of the Traditional Turkish Archery trainees, which was held after the presentation of the certificates of appreciation prepared in memory of their efforts, to our artists and course instructors Yıldız Esin Sevgin, Alper Ayana and Fatih Suiçmez, was eye-catching.

Our trainees, who took lots of photos in front of the Yunus Emre Institute graduation commemoration, introduced their dishes, which have an important place in their culture, at the country stands and offered them to the participants. The ceremony ended with a group photo shoot.


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