New Term Traditional Turkish Archery Course Started at Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute

Yazıcı-dostu sürüm

Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute organizes "Traditional Turkish Archery" course in order to endear Traditional Turkish Archery, encourage young people to do ancestor sports and transfer traditions to new generations.

In order to introduce Traditional Turkish Archery to the world and to train new athletes in this field, the third term "Traditional Turkish Archery" course is held at Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute within the scope of the "Kemankeş Project" organized in 16 countries with the cooperation of Yunus Emre Institute and Archers Foundation.

The course, which was interrupted in the spring period due to the coronavirus epidemic, which is effective in the world, continues in the courtyard of Nicosia Yunus Emre Institute as of October. The course, which takes place 2 hours a week, is held on Saturdays between 09.30-11.30.